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If there is one thing Zosia really hates about her younger brother, Bartek, it would be the fact that he always copies everything she does. Every time she picks up a new hobby, you can be sure that a couple of days later her brother will do the same. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be? A couple of days ago, Zosia’s grandfather sparked her interest in Slavic Mythology which she absolutely fell in love with.
Although Bartek doesn’t know anything about Slavic Mythology, it’s just a matter of time when he comes to Zosia claiming to be an expert on the subject. When that happens, Zosia might need your help...

Good God! is a short adventure game developed in AGS. It offers up to an hour long gameplay and features a Game Boy-inspired artstyle, although the mechanics and controls are of a point'n'click game. 

Note: the game uses Slavic paganism as one of its main themes but it's not meant to be treated seriously or as a reliable source of information.

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AuthorLazy Squirrel
Tags2D, Cute, Funny, Game Boy, mythology, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Retro, Short


Good God! 1.2.rar 16 MB


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The names of the protagonists only were enough to draw my attention. Will give it a try and report later ;)

Let me know what you think of it. You can also check out our other game, Absurdistan, which also features lots of familiar names. No Barteks, though ; )

Absurdistan sounds oddly familiar, too…


Good, that was the plan! Hopefully, it's more of a comedy than drama, as the whole idea was to bring Bareja's vibe to computers.

Kaspersky doesn’t like the main game file. Any chance for a GB from on that?

Sorry, didn't quite get what a GB is?

I know that some people tried to by pass the antivirus by creating a new folder (before you download the game there) and telling it to exclude this folder from monitoring.

Uhm, GB is Game Boy? :D But as far as I’ve played seems the hardware will not accept it.


The game was made with AGS and it produces builts only in Win (and Linux). Sorry.

What a delightful little experience! Cute old-school pixel art style, great interactions between the characters and some pretty well thought-out puzzles to be solved (honestly, this game made me feel smart for a change!).

Take on the role of Zosia, a girl who doesn't seem to care for much other than Slavic Mythology, a very specific (but admittedly awesome) subject. Our quest is to basically summon a god to show off to our brother, who has decided to suddenly take up the same interest as us! Which is obviously unacceptable. The summoning requires you to complete a few tasks, which is where the puzzle element of the game comes in.

It's short, sweet and very fun! I could honestly play even more of this, summoning other gods and having some fun interactions with them. But for what it is, this is a great little way to pass a bit of time and have a giggle =)

Keep up the good work Lazy Squirrel!


Wow! This was really unexpected : )
Many many thanks for your nice words and for the time spent on playing our little game. Watching you play Good God! when having our morning coffee simply made our day : ) Seeing you enjoy the dialogues, the characters and, above all, the puzzles was the biggest reward for making the game. Thank you : )
Extra thanks for pointing out some bugs. When we've got a bit of a free time we will try to fix them : )