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Knorrig the Gifted Troublemaker

Who said having a pet piggie is a bad idea? Well, you did. Just now. It's 10 mintues before the festive dinner and you find yourself in a pickle thanks to your pet. Or should we say 'pigle'. The lovely gift for your sister is gone. Will you manage to get it back in time?


You control Timur, the main character, with mouse using only left mouse button. The right button is used only to click out from menus or to display inventory descriptions.

In settings, there is an option to disable mouse highlights when hovering over interactive hotspots - the game is rather short, so this way you may try to challenge yourself a bit : )

There is also an option to enable Colour Blind Mode, which makes certain parts of the game more accessible.


Knorrig the Gifted Troublemaker1.1.rar 11 MB


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Very cute adventure. And a good lesson as to what pet to choose. Always go dog. A dog eats homework not presents. :) 


Thanks for taking the time to record a video of our another game. It was a joy to watch someone solving our puzzles. And as for the piggies... some say they are extremely clever, but... as they game shows they seem vicious as well : D

Yeah, they are clever at holding presents for ransom. :)